Preventive Measures COVID-19

Our drivers are essential

Maintaining our operations could not have happened without the constant efforts of the 150 drivers from the Bernières team in the field.

To continue offering our clients unparalleled products in terms of transportation, the following measures have been established for drivers:

  • Truck disinfection procedure after each change of driver
  • COVID-19 bonus
  • Installation of additional equipment in the trucks to limit visits to public places
  • Regular distribution of disinfection and protective equipment

Voluntary measures

Air management

  • Replacing the filters in our ventilation system with medical-grade filters that eliminate the spread of viruses in the air in all our buildings
  • Installing additional equipment in the ventilation systems to increase the level of air exchange
  • Installing air purifiers
  • Continuously analyzing the air quality and the level of air exchange

PCR tests

  • Regular PCR testing of all office and mechanical workshop employees upon their return from year-end leave

Modes of transportation

  • Establishing alternative methods to eliminate the use of public transit for commutes to work

Acknowledging our employees also means investing in their safety

Contact point management

Our terminals

  • Temperature taking and questionnaire before any entry into the buildings
  • Containment areas and separation of spaces to ensure distancing of the teams and to limit access to external visitors
  • Systematic cleaning procedures for each space in the offices and mechanical workshops
  • Disseminating good hygiene practices to all our employees through preventive signs and regular memos

With our clients

  • Regularly making drivers aware of the specific procedures at each of our loading and delivery locations
  • Systematic disinfection of the trailers, limiting contacts, and wearing gloves when handling goods and documents